Power of Orange

Orange is the color of vitality.

For a modern manufacturing enterprise, Data is the vital element that defines its defense against operational inefficiencies, inability to compete, and soaring manufacturing costs.

Orange is also the color of success.

The ability to harness the right data sets defines the ability to succeed in a dynamic and global marketplace.

Creative Agency

The right data strategy is cornerstone in transitioning to a data led manufacturing enterprise.

A strategy that covers the right aspects of data acquisition, treatment, storage, and applications can:

Enrich manufacturing processes & enable proactive actions.

Promote data enabled business case thinking.

Achieve and maintain a market advantage.

Working with Ave

We call this advantage
The Power of Orange.

And we are committed to bringing the Power of Orange to our customers.

We bring it through a holistic data enabled transformation of manufacturing operations.

We bring it through our data centric frameworks and innovative solutions.

We bring it by supporting functions across the data lifecycle from acquisition to applied insights.